Last Updated: September 30, 2021
· fr0gs

Simplest way of creating a patch in git

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Hereby the smallest number of steps I've found to be necessary to create a patch out of a single git commit in a repository.
Let's assume I want to create a patch out of a commit hash 12345 with a name mypatch.patch.
From the top level directory or the project:

git format-patch -1 <commit> --stdout > mypatch.patch 

This will create a file name mypatch.patch.

git apply --stat mypatch.patch 

Show which files are affected by the patch without applying those changes.

git apply --check mypatch.patch

Test the patch for errors before applying it.

git am --signoff < mypatch.patch

Applys the patch and adds an explanatory message to commit history so that that commit was a patched one.