Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jiewmeng - Tips on creating great UI's - Very useful read on creating great UI's. I think many apps/sites now especially those without a good designer lack a good UI though they maybe great functionally.

Some notes:

  • Use single columns, with a clear call to action at the bottom
    • Less distractions
    • Guide users to call to action
  • Give a gift, instead of trying to close a sale right away
    • Friendly gesture
    • Incentive to buy your product
  • Merge similar functions
  • Provide social proof - testimonials, twitter etc
  • Repeat primary call to action
    • eg. In a long page, have a call to action both at top and bottom
  • Distinct clickable and selected item states
  • Recommend something instead of just listing many choices
  • Undos instead of confirmation
  • Tell who its for instead of targeting everyone - "transparency builds trust"
  • Be direct. "Click me" vs "Click me if you like"
  • Use contrast to get attention