Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· seporaitis

Beginner friendly Emacs

I always thought that Emacs is a beast I could not defeat. Not until I found Emacs Prelude package: With couple of integrated tutorials as well as lots of helpers it led to my change from Vim to Emacs in 2 days.

First week was slow, but the M-x package-list-packages helped to find and instantly use every plugin I needed, rather than waste time configuring. I eventually tweaked and tuned them, but only when the "oh, this is too scary for me" attitude was gone.

I do not see myself using anything else now (ok, ok I still use Vim in remote terminals) and I hope this tip will help you too. (If you are interested, of course).

Oh... and do not forget to turn your caps-lock key into ctrl - otherwise you'll get Emacs Pinky Syndrome. :-)