Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jwebcat

rake-jekyll-grunt a rakefile for Jekyll with Grunt

I have basically taken the Rakefile from Octopress and hacked it to work with Jekyll nicely.

Go See the Repo on GitHub here

The Rakefile Gruntfile.js combo is some serious awesome sauce go get it seriously.

  • The defualt Grunt will minify, concatenate, and make source maps for your .js
  • Lint your files with jshint
  • optimize your images with imageopt
  • start a server, connect it with Live Reload, and inject a snippet into your page
  • run compass on any changes to .scss files
  • run jekyll then compass on any change to other files.
  • then refresh the page with Live Reload

  • the preview and livegrunt tasks use Live Reload :)

  • It works out of the box with Compass ;)

  • Go and Check out the repo on GitHub

  • Enjoy :)