Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· tinygipxy

Meteor on Window by Ubuntu VM, sync code with NitrousIO

Nitrous IO is good, but just for fast modifying, to have better productivity we need real IDE on desktop (better coding, better performance)

1. Sign up account on

2. Nitrous IO : signup account, create a box and start coding

  • Configure Sync code from Nitrous IO to
  • Login to NItrousIO, open terminal, go to home folder: wget tar xvzf Copy.tgz cd copy #Exclude .meteor folder ./x8664/CopyCmd cloud exclude -exclude .meteor echo "nohup ./x8664/CopyConsole -u=yourcopyemailaddress -r=/home/action/workspace -p=yourcopy_password &" > sh

3. Setup Ubuntu VM:

4. Setup your windows PC