Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· tcnksm

How to create Octopress design theme

I use Octopress for my blog. And I created my own theme, it is uploaded here. If you know how to write scss, it's easy to create your own theme. (Actually, I you don't, it's easy !).

You can install 3rd party design theme by rake install[THEME] in Octopress directory. This rake task is just replacing sass and source directory.

task :install, :theme do |t, args|
  cp_r "#{themes_dir}/#{theme}/source/.", source_dir
  cp_r "#{themes_dir}/#{theme}/sass/.", "sass"

So, to create your own theme,

  1. Install default theme or what your favorite theme from here for template
  2. Edit sass and source files while displaying it at local by rake preview
  3. If you complete it, just cp sass and source (without post directory) to .theme/YOURTHEME directry.
  4. Upload it github or other hosting service

It's easy.