Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· alanselvam

Social blogging

Every day people write and read blog posts. To get more audience to their post, they will share in social networking site (Facebook, twitter and tumblr) and start embed their favorite tweets, YouTube video, google maps, instagram photos, and Soundcloud audios. It's happening now, it's called social blogging, and it's only on sozialpapier. The blogging has never been more social, instant and simple
Welcome to the easiest, most beautiful way to create and share stunning social blog posts with friends and family. Add Facebook fan page, tweets, images, Google maps, and text and YouTube videos. Then share your beautiful blog post, on Facebook, or anywhere else. Free registration. Done in seconds – Simple. Exactly like we did with this page.

Explore the beautiful new world of sozialpapier

Publish here, share anywhere
No clutter No set-up. No technical knowledge required.

Clear privacy Publish and share on your terms.

Start redefine your blog
How does it work? First step: put up your content, add social elements (i.e., facebook fan page, twitter handler) and change how it looks. Second step: share your beautiful social blog post with friends and family. There is no third step.

How is that possible? Everything you publish – embed tweets, YouTube videos, text, pictures, Google maps, and more – is automatically saved to its own web address based on your blog title. Then you can share your blog post anywhere, including Facebook and Twitter.

What do I use it for? All the stuff you can't fit in a status update. Stuff that isn't a traditional blog post. Stuff that doesn't need a whole site of its own. Creative projects, in-depth conversations, travel experience, band promotions, holiday plans... and stuff we haven't thought of yet.

So it's like a blog? No, it's just more than a blog. We call it as social blogging platform. A blank canvas for you to personalize. Think of it this way. You don't have to buy a car to get to the airport – that's what taxis are for. Traditional blogs are not offer you to include your Facebook fan page and twitter handlers. Sozialpapier allows you to mention your facebook fan page and twitter handles. It will help you to get more Likes and Followers - that's what sozialpapier is for. Instant Social blog posting without the clutter.

Is it just one-way or social? Sozialpapier can do both. It sits outside the social networks if that's what you prefer. But you can also tap straight into the wider community by setting up a Facebook fan page, twitter handler, blog post relevant twitter hash tag and so on. And you can access instant feedback on how many people are viewing, commenting or voting on your page.

How much should I pay to use this service? You don't. Sozialpapier is open to all, straight away. Not even the most basic technical knowledge is required. We don't need to know your political view, your house number or your star sign. Just publish your first social blog post.