Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dizballanze is a web service for creating sketches of websites. is a web service for creating sketches of websites. This is our inner instrument made for ourselves.

We plan, develop and launch complex web sites and services. Often we need to discuss in team or with client ideas about a site we are developing. We design to simplify this process. Main service task is to create a website snapshot, add a some comments like text, arrows and share it via a short public link.

Anybody can use service without registration:

  • go to, type in the URL you want or drag and drop an image from your computer
  • draw right over the page!
  • Generated by links with your sketches will be unique, so you can share them with anyone.

To make commented process faster we develop browser extensions for chrome and Firefox. These extensions create a snapshot of website that is currently viewed by user. These plugins allow to sketch password protected pages.

Service is currently in beta mode — not all our plans are realised. Performance and functional are far from high level.