Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· paperaeroplain

Run Jena Fuseki as a Service on Windows

The easiest by far way to run a Java app as a service on Windows is by using one of the wrapper applications available. The following snippet is using Tanuki Software Java Wrapper here, which does have a free community edition, and pretty reasonable pricing if you need more (eg: 64bit). There's other options available, such as Yet Another Java Service Wrapper

Setting up the config:

First off, follow the instructions from Tanuki:

From here, the only slightly cryptic part being getting the "main class" set in the application parameters.

Set the following in your myAppWrapper.conf file (add paths if needed):

followed by any other parameters required.

You may need to tweak other settings, but they should be fairly obvious.

From here, test and install as per the instructions.