Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jasonnissen

Adding Raygun Error Tracking to Web API

Raygun ( is a cloud-based error tracking system that can be used from a variety of development platforms. The following are steps for adding Raygun to your Web API application.

1. Get API Key

  • Login to your Raygun account (
  • Add a new application or navigate to existing application
  • Select Application Settings and copy the API key

2. Install NuGet Package

  • From the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio, run the following command:

    Install-Package WebApiContrib.Logging.Raygun

3. Add API Key to Web.config

  • Add your API key to <appSettings> in the web.config file:

    <add key="RaygunAppKey" value="API_KEY" />

4. Add Raygun Exception Logger

  • Add the following code to WebApiConfig.cs:

    config.Services.Add(typeof (IExceptionLogger), new RaygunExceptionLogger());

That's it. Try it out by throwing an exception in one of your controllers and verify it is logged to Raygun.

Thanks to filipw for the NuGet package.