Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· kbilsted

Free build server as a service for C#/.Net

For my own private pet projects, I never bother setting up a build server. It was too much hassle. Too much work. Consequently. my unit test were not run as often as they should be. And at times even failing when I had been lazy and only run a subset of te tests. A shame really.

Now the good news. There no longer is an excuse! It is SO EASY to get started with build servers. They are provided as a service you can just plug in to.

The status of my projects are now online: <br>AutoHasher
: Build status
<br>StatePrinter: Build status

To get started all you have to do is

  1. Logon to using you github account
  2. Click on the projects you want to automatically get build whenever some one pushes a commit.
  3. Done!

..Well, I had two minor obstacles to overcome. They were easily solved though.

  1. It did not find my Nuget reference to Nunit straight away. I had to go into the Project settings > Build > Before build script and type nuget restore
  2. The other was getting those fine bagdes to display. Go to the Project settings > Badges and fetch the code.

Happy testing :-)