Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· kamilwysocki

Why GulpJS?

GulpJS is a relatively new build system based on NodeJS. Why should you consider using it instead of Grunt?

  • Easy to learn. 30 minutes. This is how much time it takes to learn GulpJS way of doing things. 1 hour to make yourself addicted to Gulp. Simply install it via npm, install desired plugins and write simple code with use of NodeJS streams.
  • Incredibly fast. Most tasks take up to 5 miliseconds. Simpler ones are even finished in microseconds!
  • Lots of plugins. SASS, LESS, coffescript, jade, uglify... Everything's there. 165 at the moment being and still counting.
  • Code based 'config'. Gulp uses simple code to define and run tasks.

Check it out at and stay tuned for some configuration tips.