Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hoangvuit

Using Firebug to inspect element in Internet Explorer

As a front-end developer, inspecting elements on Internet Explorer (IE) can be a nightmare.

But with the support of Firebug, life should be easier now. Let’s follow these steps below to bring Firebug to IE.

  • Open Firebug’s website with your IE:

  • On the Bookmarklets section on the right sidebar. Right click on the Firebug Lite debug then choose Add to Favorites….

  • IE now warns you about the bookmark address. Click Yes to continue.

  • On the Add a Favorite dialog, give it a name (or leave as it was), then choose Favorites Bar for the Create in option in order it can be easily accessed.

  • OK! Done.

  • Now open a webpage that you wish to inspect.

  • Click on the Firebug Lite debug bookmark and you will see the miracle.

Good luck!!

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