Last Updated: September 29, 2021
· jameswu629

emacs + ENSIME for your scala coding

After trying TextMate, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Sublime, finally I decide to use emacs to be my final (maybe?!) editor. Although TextMate is the fastest & gorgeous one but unfortunately it's still weak in scala bundle.

I haven't used emacs since I left Yahoo! TW (2 years+), but there seems a magic between my fingers that I can perform most complex key bindings even I have forgot them, maybe it's a subliminal... :p

Add sbt plugin in your Plugins.sbt

addSbtPlugin("org.ensime" % "ensime-sbt-cmd" % "0.1.1")

Generate your project file

Run ./sbt ensime generate, it will generate your ensime project file.

Open emacs & connect to ensime

M-x ensime and specify the .ensime file you generated, it may takes a moment for loading.

Check user manual and familiar with what you need in your daily coding...

Command Reference

alt text

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I perfer company-mode/sbt-mode/scala-mode2 while I am using an low-end machine.
Ensime does really eat a lot of memory.

over 1 year ago ·

Agree :p

over 1 year ago ·

Are you still using it? I can't get the auto completion to work. Your screenshot looks really good.

What are you using to display line numbers, tabs for file names and the green light?

over 1 year ago ·