Last Updated: May 01, 2021
· benjaminrh

Setting up Webstorm for Meteor

I've been playing around with the Meteor framework for Node.js, and wanted to start a more serious project than a to-do app. I usually use Webstorm for really big JavaScript projects, but I wanted to see how well I could integrate Meteor into the editor. So here's what's up with that.

Debugging sucks. Until Jetbrains do something about this issue, we'll probably have to live with hacks (a workable one is described on the issue page). So go bug them (get it?). Seriously though, upvote the issue, and maybe more interest will help move things along.

Auto-completion was pretty trivial though. Go to Project settings > Javascript > Libraries, add one called Meteor, and attach /usr/lib/meteor/packages. While you're in the project settings, you'll probably want to exclude the .meteor directory, which you can do in the Directories settings.

And if you haven't checked out Meteor, check it out right now.

Good luck!

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In my system (ubuntu 13.10) packages located under ~/.meteor/packages and if you are using meteorite for batter meteor package management you can find its packages also under ~/.meteorite/packages

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