Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· italolelis

PHP coderwall API

I really love coderwall, so I wanted to build something simple and cool for PHP, that's why I've created the Coderwall PHP SDK.

Simple PHP API library for


composer require italolelis/coderwall


Basic example

The SDK is pretty simple to use:


use Coderwall\Coderwall;

// Instanciate coderwall API manager
$coderwall = new Coderwall();
$user = $coderwall->getUser('italolelis');

echo $user->getUsername(); //prints italolelis
echo $user->getName(); //prints Ítalo Lelis de Vietro

echo $user->getAccounts()->getTwitter();
echo $user->getAccounts()->getGithub();

$user->getBadges()->map(function($badge) {
    echo $badge->getName();

There are many more methods to explore. Hope you like it :D

Please take a look at github