Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· benwoody

Sinatra, Heroku, and CouchDB

This sets up a Sinatra service using a CouchDB instance on

To setup heroku:

heroku create

Which will churn out your new Heroku web app location.

Create your database at We'll call ours heyo_mountain.

I use the CouchRest gem and ostruct gem to setup the database in the Sinatra app. I keep mine in environmental.rb and call that in the app.rb:


require 'couchrest'
require 'ostruct'

configure do
  SiteConfig =
    :url_base_db => 'https:/',
    :db_name => "heyo_mountain"
  • note that I used https:/ instead of the double whack because I can't figure out how to escape that from becoming a url :P Please change that to a //

and then in the model, assign the database, like so:

use_database CouchRest.database!((SiteConfig.url_base_db || '') + SiteConfig.db_name)