Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jwebcat

Push to several remotes at once with git

Sometimes you push to several remotes at once.

and it gets laborious to keep typing

$ git push origin --all && git push nodester --all && git push duostack --all

you might be thinking, who pushes to three remotes at once? , Well you just might want to.

After a bit of poking google I found this little gem

  • Open up your .gitconfig from a shell
$ git config --global -e
  • then add this
[remote "all"]
  url = origin-host:path/yourRepo.git
  url = nodester-host:path/yourRepo.git
  url = duostack-host:path/yourRepo.git
  • or if you just want to stay in the shell, for the CLI purists here ya' go
$ git remote add all origin-host:path/proj.git
$ git remote set-url --add all nodester-host:path/proj.git
$ git remote set-url --add all duostack-host:path/proj.git
  • After you set it up you can just type
$ git push all --all

Quite lovely, if must say so myself.


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Cool idea! If you want to go even simpler (might only work for some with a simple setup), and you have a few remotes you constantly push to, you can also add a simple alias for those to your .gitconfig:

Push to both origin and heroku repos

gpa = !git push && git push heroku master

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