Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· blazeeboy

Upload files and images from your android to your desktop/laptop

i faced a problem couple days ago, my engagement party photos
were stuck on my mobile phone i can't transfer them to my mac osx
laptop, as mac doesn't want to configure my android phone as
disk storage, neither want to show the photos when i configure
it as a camera, so i had to solve it with a simple trick (not
the explained trick here).

the following script will solve a problem like this,
you can run this script from your desktop, and take a note
of your IP address over your WIFI network.

then connect your phone to the same WIFI network and open
"http://<ip-address>:3000" choose all the files you want to
copy to your machine and press upload,

voaalaaaa, and it is in your laptop now :), also as android
has some good features, when you try to choose the file manager
of image gallery to upload you will find other options to take
a picture and upload it directly to your desktop, and
or record sound and upload it directly, and other options
depending on your android applications.

have fun with it and let me know how did you use it.