Last Updated: June 01, 2017
· web-peppers

Drupal and Wordpress: Brief Comparison

Drupal and Wordpress are two platforms that almost half of all websites on the Internet is based on. They seem to be similar in many ways, but there are many situations when one should be chosen over the other. Here is a rundown of the main differences between these giants that should help you decide whether Drupal web development or Wordpress development is a better fit for your organization.

First of all, WordPress was created as a blogging platform, and it is still does its original job best of all. Drupal shines when it comes to presenting information. For instance, it can be used for creating pages where sorting is performed with no custom coding.

Another difference between the CMSs is in the level of control in their permissions systems. While the WordPress permissions system is good for blogging, with roles for editors, authors, etc., Drupal gives its users a more fine-tuned control over permissions in different contexts.

The technical maintenance of Drupal websites is more complex too, with skilled people often required to perform their upgrading and security updates. With WordPress, these operations are frequently conducted in the automatic mode.

These are probably the main factors that can influence the choice a Drupal development company or a WordPress development company for building your solution.