Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jcmuller

Some of my favorite console shortcuts

These all work on an emacs-style (set -o emacs) readline linked against shell interpreters (BaSH, ZSH, etc). (There are some that work a bit differently on ZSH):

Of course, all these come almost unchanged from EMACS.

  • C-F Move to next character
  • C-B Move to previous character
  • C-A Jump to beginning of line (bol)
  • C-E Jump to end of line (eol)
  • M-B Jump to previous word
  • M-F Jump to next word
  • C-/ Undo
  • C-X C-X Swap point. There are two marks. You can move around, C-X C-X, move some more, and then switch between points.
  • C-X C-E Edit command in $EDITOR (for zsh, see here)
  • M-. / M-_ Recall the last argument of the last command (and keep going back in history)

  • C-K Kill line from point to eol

  • C-U Kill line from point to bol

  • M-D Kill next word

  • M-Backspace Kill previous word

  • C-W Kill previous word (to previous space)

  • C-H Kill previous character (doesn't go into kill ring)

  • C-D Kill next character (doesn't go into kill ring)

  • C-Y Yank killed text

  • C-R Recall text backward

  • C-S Recall text forward (might not work depending on terminal settings. It could stop flow. If this happens, C-Q restores it)

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