Last Updated: December 26, 2018
· sheerun

Github contribution quick start

Say, you want to contribute to the Docrails project

First, install appropriate tools:

brew install git git-flow hub
gem install git-up
hub alias # do what it says

Then clone repository you want and start new feature:

git clone lifo/docrails
git flow feature start my_feature

Do your changes, and test them on updated repository:

git up # fetches and merges/rebases all remote changes
git flow feature rebase my_feature

Now, publish feature and open pull reqeust:

git flow feature publish my_feature
git pull-request

If someone asks you in pull request to do some changes:

git commit -m "fixes"
git push

Now you can close feature (but you don't have to):

git feature finish my_feature

You're done! :-)

Bonus: it's good to set up git-up with following settings:

git config --global git-up.bundler.check true
git config --global git-up.bundler.autoinstall true
git config --global git-up.fetch.all true
git config --global git-up.rebase.arguments --preserve-merges