Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· wajatimur

Easily Install SQL Native Client on Windows

First we need to install the Chocolatey package management for windows. Paste below command line on your command prompt.

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%systemdrive%\chocolatey\bin

We can confirm the installation went OK by typing below command on your command prompt. You will get a help information on using the Chocolatey for successful installed.

choco /?

After confirming the Chocolatey package management installation, we can install the SQL Native Client by using below command

cinst SQL2008R2.NativeClient 

You can install SQL Version 2012 instead by using different package name as below.

cinst SQL2012.NativeClient