Last Updated: May 03, 2017
· kruegerdesigns

Hack-up Joomla

Hey, this is a tip for those needing to get in and get out with Joomla sites.

Ever needed to make a quick template change for a Joomla client? Change an asset? Get into the database?

If you have FTP access you can probably figure the rest out yourself, if you do not, get this extension:

Install it through Admin menu Extensions -> Install/Uninstall, then upload the .zip file you downloaded.

You can use this extension to:

1) download template files, make changes (with an editor on your OS), then upload them
- Template files in ~/templates/templatename/
2) change permissions of files
3) get the database host and user/password for it
- File in ~/configuration.php
4) remove cache manually
- Cache files in ~/tmp
5) access assets
- Assets in ~/images (some 3rd party WYSIWYG editors might save them elsewhere, try ~/plugins/editors/editor
name and search in there for a media folder)