Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· tcnksm

Easy to ship your project on Github to your user


ghr enable you to create Release on Github and upload your artifacts to it. ghr will parallelize upload multiple artifacts.


Here is demo shows how ghr works.

In demo, ghr is creating release with tag v0.1.0 and uploads 6 artifacts in parallel. Result is here.


Usage is very simple. Just:

$ ghr <tag> <path-to-your-artifacts>

ghr will automatically collect information necessary.

You can set some options:

$ ghr \
    -t <token> \              # Set Github API Token
    -u <username> \     # Set Github username
    -r <repository> \     # Set repository name
    <tag> <path-to-your-artifacts>


If you are OSX user, you can use Homebrew:

$ brew tap tcnksm/ghr
$ brew install ghr

If you are in another platform (OS), you can install it with curl:

$ L=/usr/local/bin/ghr && curl -sL -A "`uname -sp`" | zcat >$L && chmod +x $L

You can also download binary from relase page and place it in $PATH directory.