Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· kkreft

Another few tips for Sublime Text

Sorry about OSX users but almost all shortcuts will be for Windows.

Section "everybody know this":

  • Goto Anything - Ctrl+P
  • Goto Symbol - Ctrl + R - start with @
  • Goto Line - Ctrl + G - start with :

Section "it could be a new stuff"

  • Goto word in current file - Ctrl+; - start with #

More shortcuts for Windows/Linux users

More shortcuts for OSX

Some of shortcuts may not working but you should check yourself.

Multiple selection and mutli cursors

  • Ctrl + D - select word where currently cursor is . Next pressing will find next occurrence and select them - You had to know this.
  • Alt + F3 - find and select all occurrence of current word
  • Alt+Ctrl + Up/Down - insert new cursor abowe or below of current cursor position


Sublime Text3 is comming

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Ctrl+; and Alt + F3 were new to me - thanks!

over 1 year ago ·