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Looking for the best Iranian restaurant in Dubai? Look no further than Zomato!

If you’re looking for the best Iranian restaurant in Dubai, look no further than Zomato. We’ve hand-picked the top restaurants to satisfy your appetite and budget, and will take you through each one with our easy-to-follow guide on the Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai! While you can certainly find a variety of different cuisines around town, we’re sure you’ll agree that Persian food is some of the most unique, delicious, and diverse in Dubai.

Restaurants don’t have to be romantic to be special

There’s something special about eating at an ethnic restaurant, whether you’re dining with a special someone or with your family. Of course, there are also plenty of ethnic restaurants that are decidedly un-special—tourist traps or places catering to local businesspeople. To avoid these and find authentic spots serving great food, check out reviews on sites like Zomato.

Where is it located?

The Khaleed Al Shaikh Building, near to Burjuman Mall. Phone number: 00971552659692. You can also see other places of interest nearby, such as Towoole Zoo and Hightower Hotel. Also, if you’re looking for things to do in Dubai, check out their website or app now!

What can you expect on the menu

We invite you to discover our tantalizing and unique selection of appetizers, salads, mains, and desserts. Our chefs have created a wide range of authentic dishes that are sure to satisfy even your most discerning palate. Be sure to check out some of our signature plates such as Persian lamb served over rice, beef kebabs flavored with fragrant pomegranate sauce, or traditional biryani.

How much does it cost?

Before deciding where to eat, let’s take a look at what you’re budgeting. If you have to adhere to a specific price point, chances are, you’ll end up choosing restaurants that fit within that range. If your budget is flexible, however, there are tons of options out there—especially when it comes to foreign cuisine. Here on Zomato we currently have over 110 Iranian restaurants in Dubai—tasty and authentic food served by some of our most passionate owners and chefs.

What’s good there?

I’ve recently had Persian food at a few restaurants that weren’t quite to my liking, so I was pleasantly surprised by Ali Baba. I went there with two of my friends and we ordered lamb, beef and chicken kebabs, chicken wings and plenty of rice. The quality was great—the meat was well-seasoned and tender—and they also gave us some tasty bread as soon as we sat down.

Any special events happening at the restaurant?

Every month, we host a variety of private parties, gatherings and business events at our Persian Restaurant. We have also set up private dining areas where clients can enjoy their meals and spend quality time with family or friends. This means that you will not only be able to indulge in our wonderful food but do so without having to worry about looking after your child. You can focus on socializing while your child is playing with one of our friendly, professionally trained babysitters.

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