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Manually configuring Typo3 with Nginx is really difficult and time taking. This is why I am using a managed typo3 hosting to save time and efforts. Instead of manually configuring the server, I can spend time on working on the website.

Posted to Getting Laravel 4 to Work on GoDaddy over 1 year ago

Laravel performs best on a vps or cloud server. On cpanel based shared hosting servers, getting Laravel to work is not that easy. It requires htaccess rewrite as you have mentioned. On Laravel cloud hosting servers, you have access to SSH. So, you can use composer to install Laravel in just few minutes.

Posted to Host a static HTML/CSS site in Heroku over 1 year ago

I like that you actually created a PHP project on Heroku with this command. You then created the html file for static site. You can do that on other PHP web hosts as well.

This command will clear laravel cache, right? I don't understand how clearing the cache solves the exception handler?

Will this work if I don't have root access to the server? I am using a PHP 7 hosting platform where servers are managed so I don't have the root access. My client wants to use Phalcon for his web app.

Posted to Install Laravel 4 with Ease over 1 year ago

There are some Laravel hosting platforms that has 1 click installation option. If you are gonna host your app, try using such a platform. This saves a lot of time and efforts.

Setting up PHP based app on EC2 manually is quite a difficult task. You have to setup the stack and configure your app with and then manage the servers yourself. It is better to go with PaaS that provides pre-configured managed servers for web hosting for PHP.

Another method to show validation errors in Laravel is by using some tool. These tools can be used for exception handling in Laravel. These tools logs the errors so you can detect the errors as they appear and start fixing them at earliest.

@tridnguyen make sure that you have configured htaccess with your web server, Apache, correctly. For rewriting htaccess for Laravel on shared hosting, it is necessary that the htaccess must be setup on Apache first.

For Symfony authentication, you can use Symfony Guard. This is a component in symfony that can be used to create simple and custom authentication system.

Phinx is definitely a great tool for db migration. When doing PHP migration to another server, the biggest problem is moving the database. There are chances that you will get error when doing it. But if you are using this tool, there are less chances of getting any error.

Posted to Google Cloud Messaging using PHP over 1 year ago

If you want to host PHP application on Google Cloud, then I would recommend using some PaaS where you launch Google Cloud server in one click with PHP stack already installed and configured on it.

Posted to PDO Persistent Connection over 1 year ago

Apart from persistent connection, you can also easily perform CRUD operations in PDO. You can use PDO connection in PHP easily by using its connection class.

I don't think there is any need for using Handlebar with Laravel blade, which itself is really easy to setup. You can easily create layout in Laravel by creating include files and then calling it from your view file.

Posted to File Upload over 1 year ago

Here is a nice tutorial for adding file uploading functionality in a PHP based website. This tutorial explains how to add the functionality along with validation.

For updating model in Laravel, don't you also have to add namespace like this
namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class <class name> extends Model

If you are experiencing issue in validation, then you will find this tutorial on multiple file upload in Laravel with validation really helpful. According to this tutorial, you will have to add you validation code in Controller file.

I don't think it is necessary to install and configure apc and mariadb for LEMP stack on Debian. It can be done without it, like here: The main packages to install are nginx, php, mysql, and phpfpm.

Instead of using i18n library, it is better to use CodeIgniter's language library. The process is really easy. You have to enable hooks and use language loader and switcher classes. For URL, you can use autoload helper. Source:

It's a shame that you have to use an addon for adding MySQL database to your Symfony app on Heroku. Other PaaS, like Cloudways Symfony hosting ( ) platform has MySQL, composer and git already installed and available to use on their platform. The entire process of launching a cloud server on AWS or DO and then deploying Symfony app would take around 30 mins maximum.

I like this tutorial better as it explains configuring Memcached with PHP in easier terms.

Posted to Memcached and PHP Sessions over 1 year ago

Nicely explained. You can also configure memcached on PHP using this tutorial here:

Posted to Install PHPunit with Composer over 1 year ago

Nice tutorial for installing PHPUnit 3.7. I have found this article that details how to install PHPUnit 5.5 and using PHPUnit for unit testing PHP app.

Posted to Tutorial of Git over 1 year ago

This is a nice guide, but for beginners it is a little too much. For beginners, this article ( ) is easy to understand as it first explains version control and then basic git commands.

Posted to Silex Application on AppFog over 1 year ago

You should also try out Cloudways for deploying Silex on a cloud hosting. This platform has a great UI. You don't need to manually setup OS, stack or php app. You can do it from their platform. Once you have launched a server, you can follow this guide to install Silex on the server.

Posted to Git tutorial for beginners over 1 year ago

Nice summary of Git commands. For a comprehensive Git tutorial, this article is also good:

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