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Posted to Rotating Images/Divs over 1 year ago

Nice one :)

Posted to Handy CSS3 tools over 1 year ago

@davidhund thanks! added. :)

Posted to Icon fonts over 1 year ago

@naholyr Using ARIA - check this out:


Posted to PX to EM Conversion in Sass/Compass over 1 year ago


Posted to CSS3 Animated map marker over 1 year ago

Cool effect!
(what was the problem with pasting code mate? :) )

Posted to CSS3 Drop Shadows for Icons over 1 year ago

Nice idea! :)
You could even use the :after element to not have to use a span for the shadow.

Posted to Better greys with HSL over 1 year ago


Posted to Check your HTML document outline over 1 year ago

Great tip man!

Posted to coderwall logo made with HTML & CSS over 1 year ago

@javier_toledo @timpietrusky yep you got it - I used ITC Avant Garde Gothic :)

Posted to Hide placeholder text on focus over 1 year ago

Cool tip. :)

Posted to Use weinre to inspect mobile browsers over 1 year ago

Nice tip. :)

Posted to Coderwall Firefox & Chrome Extension over 1 year ago

Neat! :)

Posted to In Rock We Trust over 1 year ago

So cool. :)

Oh sweet, I did not know that - awesome tip! :)

Great example showing this here:

Posted to Notebook Paper CSS over 1 year ago

Looks cool, good job,

Posted to How do I disable textarea resizing ? over 1 year ago

Nice tip,

you can also use resize:vertical and resize:horizontal for more control. This post by David Walsh covers it well:


Posted to Float blocks without floats over 1 year ago

Totally agree, just started using inline-block more, especially for responsive design stuff.

Great point! :)

Posted to The Shapes of Css over 1 year ago

So cool, thanks for sharing! :)

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