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This could be a problem with basset not being able to write its compiled assets. Try
chmod -R 777 public/assets/compiled
Check your basset config file in app/config/packages/jasonlewis/basset to make sure assets/compiled is also where your assets are built

Haha I sure agree with you, but I think it would be even better to use vangrant inside such a virtualbox.

Since I wrote this article this VB has been fullscreen on one of my 2 screens and I use whats left of windows on my other to play music, whatch youtube, or have some online ressource up while I code on the other screen.

I love my Mint ^^

Posted to Laravel 4 Bootstrap Site basic setup over 1 year ago

Heya :) well I did try it, but it somehow got my newly created gmail blocked :p

So I just decided not to bother with it and setup my web apps to use postmarkapp, which works really nice for when you need to have a real transactional email go off during development.

Btw, checkout the branch I made of this project, quite a few changes which might get merged, who knows. I learned a lot by going through this code project and changing it. I think I will now start my own app skeleton ^^

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Sublime text 2 also does that by default :)

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