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Neelam Gupta

Software Engineer/Software Architect
United Arab Emirates

Started my Career in programming with ASP.NET while pursing the Masters degree.

From a point where a big junk of code seemed scary and a complex ternary operator seemed alien, to creating small-simple-cute websites and web application, today have reached a point where the thought of a complex logic gives a thrill and solving it like sorting a tangled thread gives a calm satisfaction to this ever curious brain.

All this time in Industry has given me a chance to work on wide range of applications from various domain with different job roles, right from assisting a senior to sharing a module with peers to Masterminding the entire project both backend & frontend.

Architect and Designing a project gives me happiness.

Though I'm not a person to point fingers but Debugging Code(Mine or Others) & finding the Culprit line seems to be a fun job to me.

In all these time of programming and debugging, JavaScript became the love of my Work life.
You will find me on my toe tip when heard JavaScript anywhere.

My tool-set includes : ASP.NET, HTML, HTML5 , C#, VB, SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Lite, CSS, CSS#, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Web Services, WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework,Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, Social Network Integration, IIS, Windows Servers.

Apart from the regular, also had a chance to try hands on PHP, Android Development, VBA, Leap Motion, Photoshop, Flash.

If not programming, I will be into Books, Music, Photography or Simply roaming around somewhere admiring nature..

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Neelam Gupta
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