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Mattias Petter Johansson

JavaScript Developer at Spotify
Stockholm, Sweden

Jobs: Currently hacking JavaScript for Spotify. Previously frontend developer at BlackBerry, IT consultant for Absolut Vodka. Founded and managed an eCommerce company, is the creator of Knappnytt, and briefly worked as a producer for SVT.

Coding for 12 years, give or take. Most comfortable with JavaScript,
Ruby, Python, ActionScript and C#, but I have coded in a LOT of other languages.
Including SmallTalk (in Danish). Big on TDD/BDD.

Rubiks Cube: Personal best is 1 minute and 8 seconds.
Photoshop: Started using at 12 years of age.
Meyers-Briggs personality type: ENTP
Quora: Incredibly addicted. Written over 300 answers.

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