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Thanks, your explanation was about 300x clearer than Adobe's.

Posted to Nano - CouchDB Client for Node.js over 1 year ago

@gearcesar - nano is a library for node.js, so you should not try to call it from an HTML page in a browser.

@Kaleb - Good points.
I would still be wary of adding nulls and undefined's - presumably they will not be uninitialized forever. That's why I suggest abandoning member declaration (other than functions) outside of the constructor. If there are NO members declared outside of the constructor, then it's sure that you are OK.

@gwinn - There are a number of reasons to keep database config info in an ini file. Many times developers don't have direct access to the php config file. It also allows for better "encapsulation" of the app - all resources are in one bundle. It would also force you to re-start Apache for changes to take effect.

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