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Miguel de Icaza

iPhone: 40.418392,-3.707338

Founder Xamarin, Ximian companies; Software programmer, founder Mono and Gnome projects.

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API Design
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Have a seriously badass project that's been forked at least 100 times
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Truly improve developer quality of life by sharing at least 50 individual open source projects
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Increase developer well-being by sharing at least 20 open source projects
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Write something great enough to have at least 100 watchers of the project
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Have a project with a thriving community of users that's been forked at least 50 times
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Have an established project that's been forked at least 20 times
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Have a project valued enough to be forked by someone else
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Fork and commit to someone's open source project in need
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Have at least three original repos where C# is the dominant language