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Posted to Validate email address in Django over 1 year ago

@radlws Thanks for the update!

Posted to 6 things you can do with Angular JS over 1 year ago

Loved the mobile idea. Thanks!

Posted to The single most useful thing in bash over 1 year ago

Nice. I've been using this feature since I've switched to ZSH + Oh-my-zsh, where it comes enabled by default.

Posted to Django Friendly Logins over 1 year ago

To reduce the number of queries to the DB, you may first check if username contains an @ and query first by email, then fall to username.

It's more common an @ in the email than the username.

I've found both good, and used both. Depending on what do you need it for.
For example, I found Ember better for biggest applications, with many models. But Angular beautiful to work with, due to the fact that you need to write a lot less code.

But both are good frameworks, just choose the one you think will fit your project better.

Posted to Run Django commands using cron over 1 year ago

In case of using virtualenvs in the server you should use something like this:

cd /home/apps/project/src && /home/user/.virtualenvs/project/bin/python /home/apps/project/src/ cleanup

This way it uses the python libraries installed in the virtualenv.

Posted to Close matching tag with Sublime Text over 1 year ago

The Tag package for Sublime Text, provides many HTML tools, and one of the most interesting ones is the Close Tag, that automatically closes the current tag by just typying </.

Example: <a>something</

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