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Gitlab looks very nice indeed. Thanks for the protip, Nicholas!

I have one question, though. Since it's self hosted, do you think it brings any serious advantages over, say, Perforce, other than it being completely free and open source? (Perforce is closed and paid, but free for up to 20 users). I started using Perforce at Globant, and honestly fell in love with it and started using it for all my personal projects...

This is a pretty thorough and up to date tip. Nice job!

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How obvious, yet I never came up with that myself, neither have I read it anywhere else. I hate this "how come I didn't think of that before" feeling. Up-vote!

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@alexanderbrevig Indeed, javascript doesn't seem to force the programmer to do anything at all. I still have my /js </code> folders actually, and only recently I decided (by experience only) to use a one file - one class design. Learning Require.js is one of my pending subjects... and I'll see how I organize the files after that.

A graphical implementation of this, some sort of simple 2D game in which you can walk around and have the code predict your most likely path, drawing a matching curve for the path you have already walked, and the probable path, would be a lovely way to see this in action.
What type of functions can this module detect?

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@khasinski Thanks, you're right.

For learning, it's recommended that you never ever copy and paste, but rather, copy it manually, even if you're writting the exact same thing.
In my experience, and the experience of people I have worked with, if Copy & Paste makes you more productive, it's because the application you're writting code for completely lacks a decent design.

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@hnordt I do believe we can write html freely anywhere in this site. I dunno what tags are allowed, let's see: <strong>strong</strong>, code</code>, <br/> br, paragraph with inline style...</p>, <div>div</div>.... Well, it seems comments are put inside P tags, yet div is allowed, which breaks the presentation a bit. I'm guessing it's an issue and not a feature... and I think I just broke pretty much everything. </p>

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