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it should not be coderWallApi.methodName instead coderWallViewService.methodName ?

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Ags version with optional autocomplete paths so you don't have to search whole project

command -nargs=? -complete=file Todo execute "Ags" 'TODO\|FIXME\|XXX' <f-args>
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<CTRL>C should work too

have you tried git add -i ?

I usually map it, eg

cmap w!! w !sudo tee % >/dev/null<CR>

'+' created new object every time and '.concat' works on the same object.
Thats why 'concat' is faster and that's why you should not use it every time.
Tip: '<<' is an alias for '.concat'.

For me it's very annoying.
Whats happens when you go to directory with 10k files? ;)

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C-PgUp and C-PgDn works for me out of box without extra mapping.

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You can use a plugin as well it will tell you how many times you try to use arrow keys

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