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Posted to Get home directory in nodejs over 1 year ago

Works in linux too. process.env['USERPROFILE'] would do the same in windows.

Posted to WTFJS abstraction over 1 year ago

wtf =)

Posted to Great vim plugins + links over 1 year ago

Zen Coding is really great. It speeds up the writing of markup dramatically.
Please note that it was recently renamed to emmet, so eventually this is what you will need to look for.

I used to have pathogen. It's tedious to update submodules to current version.(vundle does it automatically)
Then I wrote install script that does everything vim-config.

You basically copy and paste this to bash:

curl -L|bash

Same with my dotfiles

Posted to Great vim plugins + links over 1 year ago

vundle is actually better than pathogen.
As for plugins:


vim-css-color.git to show color when editing css

I think more elegant way is to set it on cursor hold.

autocmd cursorhold * set nohlsearch

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