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Any chance you can stop line breaking the output on single line breaks in the markdown? The markdown spec says that paragraphs in the output are denoted by double line breaks in the markdown, and that line breaks in the output are denoted by two spaces at the end of a line followed by a line break in the markdown. I should be able to write with single hard returns in markdown and not have them show up in the output.


(a) I Haven't looked into multi-server deployment, sorry.
(b) Just use git push origin master -f to force when it's not a fast-forward.
(c) If there's a build, script it and add it to the post-receive hook. It's just a shell script.
(d) That's true, but this assumes all your files are in the git repo. If not, you'll have to update those manually (such as via scp), or add something in the post-receive hook to take care of it.

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