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Blogging has become one of the top business avenues for some peoples that love to share their ideas and techniques with other people since the existence of the internet. Due to the high value of returns on investment in the blogosphere, the rate at which people comes in into the buy ios reviews business has caused the industry to become overcrowded. In this situation, the smartest blogger goes home with the largest portion of the gain and the dullest of them will have to find it hard to adapt to the situation, and even making money from the industry will become even harder.

Smart bloggers in order for them to remain smarter, they have to keep on using the latest technology gadgets to make their work interesting and to make it rewarding for them at the end of the road. iPhone 4S is the latest of Apple’s device this time and many bloggers have started using it to make their work better and in this article are top five iPhone 4S apps that bloggers need for productivity.

WordPress for iPhone
If you are looking for the best iPhone 4s app that you can use to make blogging interesting and enticing for you – trying out the official iPhone app for WordPress would be the best move you’d make.

This app is the official app that was made for not any other smartphone but iPhones, and preferably, iPhone 4s. There are many things that you can use the app to do as a blogger and some of them are bulleted below:

Writing and Editing of text: You can write a new post from this app and publish it on your blog via your phone without the hassle.
Drafting of Post for Later Use: You can come up with an interesting post idea which you might need for your next publication, and it may happen that you don’t have much time to produce the article at that very moment – instead of wasting your time on that, you can draft the post for next day for publishing.
Statistics: Another useful and powerful thing you can do on this app is to check your blog post’s rank and traffic reports on the go with ease.
And many other useful things which you will discover once you install the app.

The name of this app spells what it should be! Twitterrific is a Twitter application which simplifies tweeting and some other tasks that pertain to Twitter in general. You can now blog and share your latest blog post with your friends on your social networking site, Twitter of course.
One thing that makes the app better than some other apps of its kind is that you can tweet anytime you want and share your updates whenever you want it. It is very good and results oriented when compared to others.

Twitter without facebook when it comes to blogging is incomplete until when you include Facebook marketing into your marketing approach. I have been blogging all these days and I can boldly tell you that facebook and twitter is very important to blogging if you want to reach the utmost level in your career as a blogger.

This is a free blogging application for iPhone that supports WordPress, TypePad, and Google-owned Blogger, and some other platforms. One thing that makes this app different is that it has two options, free and paid. The free option only works for blogs hosted on Blogger while the paid version of it works for WordPress and some other platforms. It is easily available in the App Store.

Evernote completes the list of iPhone apps blogger need to have for a better blogging experience. I have been using Evernote for some years back now and it worked well for me since then. Evernote is an application that lets you add your to-do-lists on the go without much problems on your side. If you have a post which you wanted to write the next day or if there’s something very essential that you must do on your website, you can just input them on your Evernote app and keep it for the time you need it.

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