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@dpashkevich i got your point, but they try to make us happy anyway ;) I totaly agree about the size, but since i don't use it every day it easy to remove if space should be the problem...

@ragnarokkr i would say, its better than nothing :)

It sounds crazy, it only took max 5 min for me after i have downloaded the VM:s and started with my testing.

@dpashkevich its true. But it's never easy to test older IE version is my experience. This is the best and most stable way i found so far, I have tried a lot of different ways with services like browserstack, install my own VM:s, using IE Tester. And as a professional web developer that's a job that someone has to do... Up n running in 5 min with a new VM with crap browsers that have all I needs for my testing. I will say that this solved my requirements at least, and it was free.

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