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But... you can do the same in a input-group if you use the class input-sm in the input and btn-sm.. you can also play with form-group-sm

Im Angular newbie, but i have some questions...

This code appear work fine if the client is working without a backend, but the backend is who say if we have permission or not... This system is like a cached permission. and the question is...

Not a good practice do a login get the token of the server, keep it in the client and use it on each request? if the server return forbidden, redirect to login.

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@mdonnellydev This will tell the VM not to validated all the .class files it is loading. (Bytecode)

Check out my protip (Dial plugin)

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@nickeyz Yes, but really the inspiration/style i think that is of Holo android theme.

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@runexec Really, the main difference is that proto allow build interactive prototypes, today i try some hours pencil, and its a good software (You are the developer?) i want to know if is possible change the blue colors of active tabs or actionbars for example...

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Do you know ?

And what happen with the workflow that the android website show of design for normal MDPI and later increase x1.5 for hdpi (for example) ?

I discover an issue if you try to do it with more than 2 pages, the viewpager dont show properly the third because only two pages is cached. The simple trick is increment this cache with pager.setOffscreenPageLimit(N);

Where "N" is the total amount of cached pages before and after the current page. The default is 1.

Really i think that the solution is other but for my only-three pages is a cheap solution.

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I have here this other snippet for check if exist one active and connected only.

private boolean isNetworkEnabled() {
    ConnectivityManager conMgr = (ConnectivityManager) mActivity.getSystemService(
    NetworkInfo i = conMgr.getActiveNetworkInfo();
    if (i == null || !i.isConnected() || !i.isAvailable()) {
        return false;
    return true;        
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I use ActionBarSherlock and i must say: WIN!

(Joke) Hey! you forget deobfuscate the code first!

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Really... If you use Sencha Touch library, you dont need take care about the DOM or animations, SenchaTouch offer DOM manipulation, animation framework, MVC architecture builtin... Really you dont need to use XUI if you are using sencha.

You can check the "Sencha kitchensink" on your mobile browser or try "Sencha Radio" showcase app.

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@naveensky Phonegap offer a "base" performance speed that later can be decreased using differents 3rd libs, dont use Jquery for dom, use XUI instead, for UI dont use JqueryMobile, instead use Sencha Touch...

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