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Crazy-Ass Software Engineering Mercenary
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Posted to Dump a Mongolab Heroku DB over 1 year ago

Sadly this fails with the following error from mongodump: Failed: error counting herokuapp7946173.system.users: not authorized on herokuapp7946173 to execute command { count: "system.users", query: {} }

Posted to Encrypt binary files with keybase over 1 year ago

This is now out of date, as keybase supports encrypting files directly.

Just thought I'd mention it as this protip was the second result on Google for "keybase encrypt file" :)

Posted to The single most useful thing in bash over 1 year ago

Personally I find this annoying. At times I'll (for whatever reason) already have something typed into the prompt, and I realize I need a command from recent history, so I press up a few times. In this case I'd first have to press ctrl+a and ctrl+k to kill what I've already typed, or things would get very strange.

It's a cool feature, but it does come down to personal preference, and personally, ctrl+r is more than good enough.

It might be worth mentioning though that I use ZSH and oh-my-zsh.

Posted to Workflow in Tmux over 1 year ago

Personally I use my own Tmuxifier project to load up complex window/session setups for different projects/clients...

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