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"Engineers are paid way too much": where I am (Singapore), I think engineers are paid way too little... a university graduate might start off with SGD3000/mth if lucky (I think many graduates just get like ~SGD2xxx - if I am not wrong).

Anyways, if you think you earn too much, and the poor deserve the money more, you can always donate some away! Maybe give some as tips?

Otherwise a good article.

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"No matter how simple, unstable or insignificant you may think your code or contribution is; you are changing the World with each commit"

Theres a really useful Web Workers library that simplifies things: ParallelJS

@josher19, haha, its because this is an outline of a presentation I am doing for work as part of internal training program. And where I work now, we use CoffeeScript

Didn't know that. But maybe we could do better if we used CoffeeScript's fat arrow

@davidandrewsmit I guess for most "work" related projects, esp those for larger companies, supporting old browsers will still be required. But like u said hopefully not for long.

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1st impression was good.

But on 2nd thought, after looking at the code, wonder why is it better than another framework out there ... it has more code because of AMD stuff. And I will be running tests on Node with uses CommonJS ...

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Now I understand your point of view abit more. I think AJAX is already non-blocking so no need for threading.

I think regarding LocalStorage, seems some kind of async library (eg. async.js) will be better. Reason is looking at WebWorkers API, it looks like its using message passing, which means processes, which have more overhead than threads. Even if its threads, I think its slightly more overhead for a simple task like this requires ... not sure tho.

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AJAX is asynchronous so, it should not block the current thread right? Not sure about LocalStorage, but since its a browser thing (not remote), it should be fast.

I think using web workers in this situation might even slow things down by introducing overheads? Like threads/processes in other languages have associated with them isn't it?

What are your thoughts?

But what if I have a more complex query: like $("#foo div.something a"), then do I use $("#foo").find("div.something").find("a")? Kind of long ...

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