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Posted to git init your /etc dirs over 1 year ago

This is a great practice, but on systems with multiple admins it might not be apparent to everyone to look for a .git/ in the config directory. To help point this out, I like to touch use_the_git_luke in the config directory after running git init.

Posted to Read the manpages over 1 year ago

@mkzero you are missing the point entirely. No I don't memorize every manpage ever. Why bother when I can just pull up the manpage? My point is that if you search a manpage -- maybe my protip should be that '/' searches manpages, or rather man knows a few vim commands -- before you search google, you might find your answer plus a few interesting facts first.

Posted to The single most useful thing in bash over 1 year ago

Using the arrow keys is almost as bad as using a mouse, I try to leave the homerow as little as possible. So I would just type 'cd /' then hit ctrl-r repeatedly until I find the command I want. Or more likely the first few characters of the directory I want to cd into and hit ctrl-r a few times until I have the command I want.

Posted to Don't force your privates up my face over 1 year ago

I disagree with a basic assumption you are making: the intended audience of the code should be other developers of the same codebase, not developers of other codebases. The use case you are describing sounds like you are using the code as an API specification. And yes, often I end up in the 'source IS the documentation' boat myself; but ideally there should be actual documentation on the API. The code should be written to be easily understood by others who will be developing the library or application, not those who simply need or want to understand what it is doing under the hood.

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