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Ouch, thanks @wvdv2002, well spotted! (I fixed it now)

@gluchet that method is roughly equivalent, but it rewrites the current branch. My method is safer. I also added more tips: the exact steps to replace the directory with a submodule, and pushing to a remote. I also explain in more detail what's going on. But thanks, it's interesting to know other methods too!

@markjeronimus If I knew how to do it without svn, I would have answered that way... Unfortunately I don't :( So you have to either download the entire repo using GitHub's own download feature, or install svn to use this hack.

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@hobarrera yes, well spotted! Thanks!

Thanks @dmitree! Yeah, definitely should check out zsh, I hear very often of its powers.

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And you can use these aliases everywhere, for example in Git/Subversion/Bazaar repository URLs, which simplify a lot!

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These look like shortcuts in a terminal. But then I don't know why say it doesn't work in Gnome. That's desktop environment. And these certainly work in gnome-terminal, xterm, in fact it's up to the shell you're using, not so much the terminal.

And why would you use ^f and ^b instead of the arrow keys? Moving word by word is much more useful. In gnome-terminal I can use Alt+Left/Right, but that doesn't work on a Mac without hacking ~/.inputrc. An alternative that works almost everywhere is ESC Left/Right. Don't hold down ESC, but press and release, and then press and release Left or Right.

You can read more about these and many more in man bash, in the Commands for Moving section. You might also like my article on a very related topic:

Thanks @maciejsmolinski, I added to the post! Btw, you know that you don't need spell out the http:// for curl, it can figure it out ;-)

@stephen-wood I completely agree with you. And since curl is very intuitive and easy to remember, I was just about to add at the very top, but.... It doesn't work, at least when I'm typing this :( I tried Europe and the US. Btw, I chose curl as the first because it's the fastest for me. These things change over time, of course. Thanks anyway, I'm still adding to the list!

@abimaelmartell lol that's funny, added to the list ;-)

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Thanks @edderrd oh-my-zsh looks interesting! I use bash extensively and it does everything I need perfectly well. But I'm aware of zsh and I should definitely try. Maybe the time is now.

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Thanks @ppone for recommending fish! As far as I remember, fish sacrifices some bash functionality in favor of being more user friendly. So it might not be my cup of tea (I'm a huge bash fan and use it extensively), but I should give it a try!

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@grevenx which step didn't work for you? Thanks for the link in any case, that's very informative!

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Thanks @shupal! I know about gitsh, but I haven't tried it. I imagine it could be great in projects where you don't need to do much else on the command line than running Git commands. For me that's usually not the case: I run many shell commands between Git operations, so I feel it wouldn't be ergonomic for me. But who knows, maybe!

@alfredormz: that is awesome! Added to my post.

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Awesome! But what's this to do with coffee?...

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