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Is this still relevant?

I was thinking about having test-transaction-like functionality in development mode;

Like – submit a form, see what happens, and rollback by clicking some button.

My 2 cents:

case you
when -> y {y.happy?}  then y.clap_hands #stolen from Avdi (?)
when PersonAnalyzer.method :hulk?     then y.destroy!
  • Shameless self-promotion: weekend experiment of mine. which allows something like:
puts mike.tell{"Call me #{name}. First thing you should know - don`t do business with #{}"}


gus = cast.find &which{ surname =~ /esposito/i }

but at the same time - still restricts protected and private methods:

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There is nothing to document here, it`s just a consequence of Array having <=> defined on it )

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