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Billy Huang


for this one
nnoremap ; :
nnoremap : ;

i map my <space>, so you dont need to screw up your normal keymap

and another tip if you doing php ->
inoremap <C-l> ->

unless you remap your hjkl to cursor movement in input mode, which is also a nice feature, i have an ft detetion on this one, php is ->, js is var, and txt file is movement.

tmux - (better splits workflow between terminal and vi ),
tmuxinator - save and manage tmux workspace,
reattach-to-user-namespace - this is for yanking and pasting to vi within tmux
vimux - you sometimes want to just use a <leader>key to trigger the last command send to tmux without having to actually jump to tmux and excecute
than search for quick movement between vi and tmux

( mac brew, brew cask ) + ( parallel windows for ie or virtual box for all IE ) + ( vagrant for docker ), done you have the best in all worlds

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