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himanshu mourya

Best Physiotherapist in Dwarka at sarwarpro Healthcare pvt Ltd

sarwarpro is the best Physiotherapist in Dwarka Here Well Experienced Physiotherapist Available For Treatment. Physiotherapy Help us to Remove Many Types of Pain Like Neck Pain , Knee pain , Back pain , Hijama Cupping, IASTM Therapy, Chiropractor etc and We Also Provide Home Visit Facility to Patient
sarwarpro Is the Also a Biggest Center Of Hijama Cupping

Benifits of Hijama Cupping
1 Maigraine, Headache
2 Improve Blood Circulation
3 Improve Skin Condhtions
4 Back Pain Joint pain, goutes, loss of appetite
5 Detoxes
6 Helps anxiety
7 realieves stree and pain
8 rehumatoid arthritis
9 High Blood Pressure
10 stiffness and swollen Joints Especially in Neck and Back

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