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Francois Zaninotto

Paris, France

CTO at e-TF1, open-source software enthusiast

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Open Source
API Design
Walrus 1f517cbbd8f030099b8386c53d4ee40fece3fa146b6362accb3abddb436482cb
The walrus is no stranger to variety. Use at least 4 different languages throughout all your repos
Altrustic fea3bde05a17a18ff6420dbd7a646cc4536c51f46db27536401e56bee0dc086a
Increase developer well-being by sharing at least 20 open source projects
1000lemming 55980d93f764502c6137fb6d25cf7deea26d8f5a9a35e8a01381516e9b886137
Kilo of Lemmings
Establish a space in the open source hall of fame by getting at least 1000 devs to watch a project
Forked100 eb3235ebeb00483ef070677bead3e2c4037d5b3f9197d3f6c524a0b0bf185587
Forked 100
Have a seriously badass project that's been forked at least 100 times
Octopussy 751c849dad4adc53baa5c9f9f269a5e3810f8d8b85d348f1c629e0e8fea26ef9
Have a repo followed by a member of the GitHub team
Honeybadger3 9b10a424950fc737e4272ec69f3b9cded621021ac249f821a7b53b97d1141c61
Honey Badger 3
Have at least three Node.js specific repos
Forked50 dfb43b5a47a4ee100a1d56e45ef509ffd0aab7612db3bdcb625a9ba4f7a8a346
Forked 50
Have a project with a thriving community of users that's been forked at least 50 times
Honeybadger e6a507524dd5b8b273f39b437d9da1c1bbbb434a59a060a1fe67e3ad83736261
Honey Badger
Have at least one original Node.js-specific repo
Forked20 d8399a08bf011790a855bcc59ae5ffe039e48f3ca9094f9425d6685a2b7fd330
Forked 20
Have an established project that's been forked at least 20 times
100lemming 75ef69b417fed814e00911c952268ec8f46e670b2b7f1d3197e95e531530c5f3
Lemmings 100
Write something great enough to have at least 100 watchers of the project
Nephilakomaci3 5bd6f9c50317d93542d25650a39502d82f37fc925072e9048213cffddcccf4e9
Nephila Komaci 3
Have at least three original repos where PHP is the dominant language
Nephilakomaci ff83276c8b6c472f151b6e3fbcbc31067ae72425f57a22742f9124501b02cd71
Nephila Komaci
Have at least one original repos where PHP is the dominant language
Charity bab6d575c53894cc9e395db7cdb1f0f91f176fa0cc8122c5f824e672f3d556a4
Fork and commit to someone's open source project in need
Forked1 63f23ad054823f6065b4526f8552dbc2c4fbaa75d22db7150d700201218ac426
Have a project valued enough to be forked by someone else
Python df746136c133c10a796100239e3563e3419fb4d5a7b8cc9bed181c941f6dbf55
Would you expect anything less? Have at least one original repo where Python is the dominant language